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Office documents appeared in many Microsoft endpoints, but the same documents showed up looking and functioning differently creating friction for users.

I worked with partner teams on a files coherence effort. This included aligning on the information architecture, interaction design, and visual design of document lists and thumbnails. I helped drive the effort and implemented the experience for

The new experience – the first Office experience to use Fluent Design – first appeared for users on It has since contributed to a rapid increase in the number of cloud file users and document collaborators.

View the live experience

(Note: To access this experience, you will need to sign in to Office with a work or school account.)

Simple and organized

Documents is the second section on below Apps. The redesigned list makes finding documents easier, and helps users collaborate with others.

Screenshot of the Recent documents section on

Frequently used commands

Users can access frequently used commands by hovering over documents. More options are accessible via an overflow menu.

Animation showing frequently used commands on hover and an overflow menu

Simple list/tiles control

Easy-to-use control that allows users to switch between List view and Tiles view.

Animation showing how user can switch to a Tiles view

Responsive design

The most important information (i.e. name, icon, activity, and sharing status) is available to the user on any viewport.

Animation showing how the document list responsively scales

More recent work

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Office web start pages

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Simplified page design that positively moved metrics.

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