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The public-facing homepage is a primary entry point into the Microsoft Office ecosystem.

Working with a feature crew in conjunction with partner teams, I simplified the page design, added clear calls-to-action, and helped create a personalized sign-back-in experience.

The new design resulted in a 20% lift in the sign in rate and a 6% lift in engagement.

View the live experience

(Note: to view the experience, you'll need to be signed out of Office.)

Previous design

Screenshot of the previous homepage

New design

Simple and minimalist

The purpose of the page is clear – to sign in to the product or obtain the product.

Screenshot of on a desktop browser

Responsive design

The experience scales elegantly to mobile devices.

Screenshot of on a mobile browser

Remembered account

After signing out, users can quickly sign back in or switch to a different account.

Screenshot of after signing out.

Streamlined sign in

For returning users, the experience is as simple as possible.

Screenshot of when the user returns.

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